Monday, March 30, 2015
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iDoThis themes will bring a truly dynamic appearance to all your iDevices.

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Rob Grohman the founder of iDoThis Designs has a high attention to detail. With his keen sense of style and commitment to his theme purchasers

You can guarantee that your iDevice will have the most complete, artistic, theme available.

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Elite 6 - A Suit and Tie Affair


The wait is over. The time has come. Elite 6 is ready for beta testing!!


Elite6 – A Suit And Tie Affair iPhone Theme By BarOverBeats Takes iCommunity By Storm | Cydia Tweaker

So where do I start. How did I make it here? The credits.....

God deserves all credit. The most merciful. Thank you for keeping my family and friends close to you.
My wife. for putting up with day in day out 24/7 crazed maniac. True star there. 
Zausser - icon frames in all sets  beast this guy is. great guy and an awesome friend!
Durben - widget MONSTER. iwidget NINJA #photoshoppin coder. Beast bro just beast
chevymusclecar (MMI) @70impala206 (twitter) - my brother. Love you my dude. You know when he's around you can smell the rubber burnin' #watchforthisguy!
ellersbee - this dude is CRAZY in PS. Ideas flow like nothing else. Been a pleasure getting to know, and working with you bro!! (you honestly would have a a beta release NOW if it wasnt for this guy!!!) 
EricB78 - killing it. been doing my math homework since the 9th grade! This is a real good guy y'all!! 
max_Pa1n - bro. you already know how we get down. got a lot of love my dude!! -welcome (back) to the house of PA!N.
iskarioT (MMI) @iskariotA666 (twitter) - this guy. assassin. nuff said. All alpha avis, all kinds of KILLER elite feel LS walls. great people!!!
Raaj FX (MMI) @raajathwal (twitter) - been holding me down since day one. appreciate you bro 
Zooropalg - this guy /IS/ iOS themeing. pleasure as always!! (Zoo made the supersleek iwidget) (e6_Zoo_weather) (#squirt) also made the default wall vote
Darka5sa5sin - One of my solid guys that has been with me from the gate. Throws out so many options at me I cannot thank him enough! #creativity 
joserrrr (MMI) @Joserrrr_ - this guy has that eye. great people! so glad to have you onboard from the gate!! 
rumcajs (MMI) rumcajs73 (twitter) - This guy. smh. Bro, I can never thank you how I want to. to me you are the backbone of the elite line. the amount of thread work that you have done it phenomenal!! 
H3ATEDSS - watch this guy. I see so much of me in your Jordan. so glad you back brother. See you in illidelphia 
thatton (MMI) @d3stroyd (twitter) - crazy eye for the arts. love what you do bro!!
MamaJaay (MMI) themamjaay (twitter) - boss chick. word.  MJ gets it in. yall already know 
hemptation (MMI) h3mptation (twitter) - just an all around boss type of guy. elite6 theme manager
iryankgt (MMI) iRyanKGT (Twitter) - this guy. later add to the elitesquad off the strength of his elitist approach. very happy to have this guy on board!

Ok so now you know who helped me put this beast together. Its still beta, so there are some applications and certain things that need to be fixed. For a beta, its is very complete and gives a great feeling to the device. The theme is built to work on both the iPhone 5 and the 4/4S on 6.0 or higher. I have worked my very hardest at this. The icons /slate/ are created one pixel at a time. I have so many hours into them 

There will be more content available in due time. 0.9-4 coming soon  Getting CLOSER!! 

Protips: To use any of the "touch" lock screens - 4/4S/i5 you must use wallpaper jpegifier, and set your wallpaper in and Wallpaper.

To acquire the beta copy of the theme Subscriptions


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All Themes are powered fully by winterboard by Saurik available in Cydia.

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